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04 Sep 2019

How IELTS Band Score Is Calculated?

In Malayalam there is phrase “ Just eat the Appam, Why you need to count the holes on it“. In Kerala when doubts are asked, seniors used to discourage people with this phrase.

Literally the phrase means beggars can’t be choosers. But always try to know the truth behind our fortunes to make sure, what we are enjoying in our life are made through honest methods. 

IELTS and ethics of life never have any  relationship, but in order to achieve a good band score or eat sweet appam you have to know about the methods or holes how IELTS band score is calculated. 

Expert tutors of best IELTS coaching in Kerala explains how to prepare for your IELTS test, understanding the method of band score calculations.

How IELTS Band Score Is Calculated ?

In IELTS band score is from 0 – 9 or 0 – 40 for each for skill tests like Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking . 

  1. Reading (60 Minutes): You get some passages and after reading that passage you have to answer 40 questions  where each question carries one mark. To get a band score of 9 you have to answer all the 40 questions correctly and no negative marks for wrong answers.
  2. Listening (30 Minutes): You have to listen to various dialogue sessions one by one in a headphone provided for you.  You have to answer 40 questions provided in the question paper from the dialogues you listen through headphones.  No negative marks, the more you answer correctly more you can score.
  3. Writing (60 Minutes): You will be given two questions and you have to write answers , at least in the number of words mentioned in question. The four factors influencing writing test are
  • Achievement of Task : Complete each question or task on time
  • Coherence and Cohesion : Writing should be structured and connected logically 
  • Lexical Resource :  Should have good vocabulary
  • Grammatical Accuracy and Range : Sentences should match English or American grammatical rules

4. Speaking (11 – 14 Minutes): Examiner will try to understand your knowledge in English Grammar and vocabulary by asking a few questions. The four factors influencing speaking test are

  • Fluency : How fluent in English?
  • Pronunciation : Your pronunciation should match English standards
  • Lexical Resource : Should have good vocabulary
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy : Match English or American grammatical rules

The total test time is 2 Hours 45 Minutes, if you train yourself keeping these facts in mind you can achieve well with a good band score. 

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