IELTS Coaching

International English Language Test System at Royal British Academy has a unique Perspective based on a continuous assessment pattern for students on a daily basis.

Course Pattern

IELTS – 1 Month – Crash Course , 2 Months , 3 Months

Our Treatment For The Modules

Writing :- Triggering Writing skills improving vocabulary and usage focus on writing structure and organization. Daily feedback from trainees on modules.

Reading :- Acquainting students with reading skills, complicated text, scientific jargons. Drills for perfecting solving question types. Repeat drills.

Listening :- Familiarizing with the different dialect(Australian, Irish).Fluency class for adaptation to the native stress & sounds. Tutorials for enhancing listening skills.

Speaking :- Fluency session on phonetics and skills of speaking , Card planning , Approaches to the three different parts of speaking Training , paying attention to the assessment criteria for each modules based on the band descriptors.

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