03 Sep 2019

OET Coaching In Kerala : IS OET Easier Than IELTS ?

OET and IELTS are the two exam options available for medical professionals who seek a job in UK, Canada and European countries. The common doubt among the people who plan for an abroad job in the medical profession is whether they should take IELTS or OET.

Expert trainers of OET coaching centres in Kerala, says that both IELTS( International English Language Testing System) and OET(Occupational Eligibility Test assesses for Reading, Listening, writing and speaking English skills and marked on a grading system. Neither exam  is easier than the other in a linguistic perspective.

IELTS coaching India

Difference Between OET and IELTS

  • IELTS is taken by over 3 million people every year and test centres around the world with weekly tests.
  • OET has 12 different versions designed for various medical professionals. Reading and listening are common for all professions but writing and speaking are each profession specific.
  • From September 2018, OET 2.0 came into effect where grading system changed with the introduction of points along grades to give more insight of your score.

Simply both IELTS 7.5 and OET B show you have an advanced level in English language. But you may find OET easier if you are a healthcare professional as it is health care oriented and test the language you may practise in your day to day career.

The professional language coaching in Kerala, will give you excellent communication skills and greater  accessibility to integrate with the work life of UK, Europe, Australia easily.

Learn from the best OET training institute in Kerala , if you plan for a career shift to abroad and establish a good life there with your family. As Robert Kiyosaki said, everyone is skilled and talented but not trained, how to sell their skills and become a bestseller person in their career.

So undergo the best language training to get the best out of you and succeed in your career.

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