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04 Sep 2019

OET Grading : New Numerical Grading System

To know an accurate information, you must have to seek the opinion from experts who are currently active in that field. 

Only such an expert may know about the latest information and updates recently happened. 

OET coaching in Kerala is gaining more popularity nowadays as health care professionals are  migrating to European and American countries in large numbers.

Till August 2018, OET candidates were awarded grades ranging from A to E. But now a numerical grading system is implemented that assign scores ranging from 0 to 500.

How OET Grade is calculated?

OET Coaching in muvattupuzha
  1. 450 – 500 : Able to communicate with patients and colleagues easily in an extremely fluent English language
  2. 350 – 499 : Effective communication with co – workers and patients are possible with some inaccuracies
  3. 200 – 349 : Able to function in a professional capacity, despite occasional errors 
  4. 100 – 199 : Follow basic instructions and interact but may require clarifications, frequent chance of errors may affect proper communication
  5. 0 – 99 :   Able to engage only in simple dialogue and high frequency of error cause communication breakdown

Most health care system prefers a candidate having proficiency score of 350 and above as they do not need any extra language training  to work as professional health care employees.

Sub Test and Marking

  • Listening : Candidate must understand a range of spoken materials like patient consultation or lectures. Listening test contains two parts and maximum time duration is 40 minutes.
  • Reading : Candidates must have the capacity to read and understand different health care related materials.  Reading test also contain two parts and maximum time duration is 60 minutes.
  • Writing According to the specific field of candidates occupation they must be able to write a letter accurately and clearly such that a native English reader understand easily. Writing test has only one part and maximum time duration is 45 minutes.
  • Speaking In speaking test candidates must communicate effectively in a role play situation , examiners provide a scene where you have to speak as the opposite person is satisfied with you. 

Speaking test contains two parts and maximum time duration is 20 minutes. Test is specific to your occupation in health care profession.

For a competitive test like OET there are more facts and figures you must keep in mind while appearing for the exam. It is impossible to summarize all major facts on a single article. So seek the advice from the best OET trainers in Kerala and clear your doubts before the exams or participate in a crash OET course near you.

Success and strength are the products of struggle , so you must do what others don’t do . All the best for your OET preparation and OET exam.

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