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05 Sep 2019

PR In Canada : How IELTS band score can help you?

The dreams of migration never ends and all of them wish to get a permanent resident visa in foreign countries. 

How your IELTS band score can help you to get a PR visa in Canada?

Canada is popularly known as one of the family friendly and peaceful countries in the world. The country offers immigrants direct entry into the country as permanent  residents(PR).

Expert IELTS coaching in Kerala could help you to fulfill your dreams and get a PR visa.

  • For Applying PR, you should score a decent level in IELTS exams and at least a master’s degree verified by the Educational Credential Assessment Certificate.
  • Make an express entry profile for migration with particulars like age, educational qualification, work experience and language ability. Then you will be given a CSR score.
  • If you score higher than CSR minimum cutoff then you will receive an ITA or invitation for applying PR visa.
  • Apply for PR visa from IRCC within 90 days.
  • Migrate to canada within one year you get PR visa otherwise it will be voided.
  • Once you arrive in Canada you need to go through a medical exam and police certification for being finally cleared to enter Canada as a permanent resident.

If you are planning for family migration as a married couple, a good IELTS score for both helps to get PR easily.

Make sure to file the name of one with more CSR score as primary applicant, if you are filing as couples.

Your Education, Age, IELTS band score, Work experience  here and abroad really matters when your CSR score is calculated. So be careful to build a good career graph and academic profile if you are interested to migrate.

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