IELTS coaching in Muvattupuzha
04 Sep 2019

Tips To Crack IELTS In 1 Month: What IELTS Winner Have To Say ?

The first question every winner would have to face is, What is your success secret?

Really is there any secret. Here are the great advice IELTS  winners want to share with others who would like to achieve better IELTS bands. 

Plan Better, Execute Best and Relax 

IELTS coaching in Muvattupuzha

Let’s see what tip  Saiyeda Patel say

“I seriously believe that you need to have at least some command of the language to do well in your IELTS test. 

One can’t achieve a band score of 7 overnight with just a brief period of practice. 

Developing a habit of reading books in English, conversing with friends and family in English, watching English media and using proper grammar and vocabulary while writing just about anything is very important.”

Tips To Crack IELTS In One Month

IELTS in Cochin
  1. Dedicate one month only for IELTS preparation your language improvement.
  2. Practice more mock tests and try to communicate in correct English.
  3. Sharp speaking skills with day to day idioms, and  never stop expressing your ideas due to lack of vocabulary.
  4. Relax your mind and build confidence that you achieve IELTS in first chance itself
  5. Have broad knowledge of exam  procedures, Question patterns and easy methods in the initial phase itself to secure your winning chance.
  6. Focus more on your weak communication skills and ensure you are master in other skills too by regular practice.

As Winston Churchill said “ Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”. Your enthusiasm is the secret of success. All the best to grab your goal.

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